Internet Banking 

Internet Banking

Internet Baking is a service offered by Millennium Bank that helps you to save time and money.


Acces 24/7, anytime and anywhere there is a computer connected to the internet..


Do you pay bills? Why go to the counter for that? Pay quickly using Internet Banking and enjoy the time saved!
Make transfers to relatives or friends? Through Internet Banking is very easy to transfer money to account you want and you have fees discounts!
Do you want to save money? Enjoy the bonus interest received for deposits opened through Internet Banking!
Do you pay credit rates? Forget about the care of payment and transfer the installment loan through Internet Banking!
Do you need money fast? Transfer money from your credit card directly into the current account or liquidate a deposit using Internet Banking!
Have an account and just want to always know your money situation Nothing easier, through Internet Banking you know when you receive money and you get acces to the account statements anytime, anywhere!


Enable and use Internet Banking.

Life is easier when you control your money! Details here.


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